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Seeing Beyond Life's Obstacles

“We all have the possibility, that potential and that promise of seeing beyond the seeming."

Maya Angelou

I recently had the opportunity to go to the Pacific Ocean. It was spectacular! Some friends brought us to one of their favorite beaches in the area. They shared that it was actually rare to have an opportunity to explore this particular patch of shoreline as the tide was usually high, keeping visitors at bay.

The day we arrived it opened up for us to see. There was something magical about the area. Our friend shared that film crews often came to this spot. Upon hearing this I could suddenly imagine myself walking into a scene. The place itself was a little mysterious, seemingly keeping part of it’s splendor hidden by the large rocks and boulders that littered the area, hiding part of the glistening blue expanse beyond us.

As I walked along, I realized those rocks offered up a view to behold as well. I loved the keyhole structure pictured above. The rock itself gave way overtime to reveal the beauty of the ocean. I couldn’t help but be reminded that life is often that way. It can feel like the path is rocky or like we are not able to see much beyond where we are but if we keep going, things will become clearer. We will have moments when we can see through and realize the possibilities or at least sense that something good lies ahead.


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