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The Importance of Finding a Well of Life-giving Water

It’s time for a well.

It’s time for a drink of life-giving water.

In the midst of all the things that need to be done, in the midst of your cares and concerns, in the midst of the troubles around you, in the midst of the troubles in our world, and yes even in the midst of the blessing of any good thing - it’s time for a well.

Spiritual teacher, Macrina Wiederkehr tells us what this means. Her words were inspired by reflecting on Jesus’s interaction with the woman at the well. (John 4)

“What makes the world so lovely is that somewhere it hides a well. Something lovely there is about a well, so deep, unpiped and real, filled with buckets and buckets of that life-giving drink…

Some people are like wells, deep and real, natural, unpiped, life-giving, calm, and cool, refreshing. They bring out the best in you. They are like fountains of pure joy…

Some experiences are like well too. People create them. They are life-giving happenings. They are redeeming experiences. They are wells. Wells of wonder, wells of hope.

When you find a well, and you will someday, drink deeply of the gift within, and then maybe soon you’ll discover that you’ve become what you’ve received and then you’ll be a well for others to find.

So lift your eyes and look all around you, over the mountains, down to the valley, out in the ocean, over the runways, into the cities, into the country, sidewalks and highways, paths in the forest, into the hearts of a thirsty people. Look, and I beg you, don’t ever stop looking because what makes this world so lovely is that somewhere it hides a well, a well that hasn’t been found yet. And if you don’t find it, maybe nobody well. And if you don’t be one, maybe nobody will find you.”*


*Seasons of Your Heart: Prayers and Reflections, Macrina Wiederkehr


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