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Firefly Facts

Fireflies are sometimes considered a symbol of illumination.

Fireflies are members of the Lampyridae family of beetles. (lampyridae in Greek means “to shine”)

There are more than 2000 species of fireflies. There are over 170 species in North America. They are found on every continent but Antarctica.

Not all species of fireflies have the ability to light up.

Firefly eggs and larvae can even light up. This helps protect them from predators.

Each species has their own light color. They can glow blue, green, orange, or


Firefly lights are the most efficient in the world with 100% of the energy created emitted through the light. In comparison, an incandescent bulb emits 10% of its energy as light and a fluorescent bulb emits 90% of its energy as light.

Their light shows are used to attract mates.

Their numbers are declining, due in part to habitat destruction and light pollution.

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